I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet. I have had no close encounters with spiritual beings. I have no formal education in the area of theology or religion. I make no claims to be a member of any religious organization. My purpose here is to provide information which is hopefully accurate and which is hopefully thought provoking to the point that those who are truly seeking their CREATOR might have the tools to step out of the confusion proffered by the mega-matrix of our world's religious society.

An Ounce of Truth

It is my belieftm that organized religion is most often a maleficent crutch for insecure truth seekers. This crutch can actually - and typically does - act as a tool to accomplish a type of spiritual imprisonment which indeed hides important truths from humanity. The information in "An Ounce of Truth" will hopefully serve as an initial step towards more in-depth discoveries of religious and spiritual TRUTH. Note the title of this website, "An Ounce of Truth." The information herein is meant to be only a meager beginning, not a destination; it is meant to offer a focus towards opening our minds to the possibilities which are truly spoken of in our Creator's sacred literature.

For the most part, the sacred literature to which I refer would be the original writings in what we today call The Holy Bible. I believe that the truth of The Holy Bible is often times diametric to what is taught in most of the world's religions and "denominations." The Jews certainly have their Hebrew truths which are overlooked by the vast majority of professing Christians, but the Jews somehow missed the first coming of the Messiah. And then, the several hundred "Christian" religious denominations in our world are all off track in their (lack of) attempt to reveal the TRUE teachings of that Messiah. (There exists the possibility that there is ONE correct denomination, but more than one lacks logic. And I have yet to find the one true denomination.)

The articles herein address the fact of a first century Messiah, and attempt to address a few of the simpler teachings of the Messiah - simple teachings that are not open for interpretation, that are quite straight forward, and that are easily and simply proven, and yet are considered falsehoods by the "denominations" of the Christian world. Granted, there are numerous issues and questions within the scope of worshiping our Creator which have either difficult answers, or else remain unanswered at this point in our history, but the issues addressed herein are for the most part quite simple and almost irrefutable truths although they are opposed to the common teachings of professed Christianity! Read the information for yourself. Much of the information in the articles section is easy and is not open for other interpretations, if we consider The Holy Bible as our source of truth.

May your journey to truth be swift and fruitful. I hope that the articles herein prove helpful.

— Butch Jones