Trojan horse

The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those not behind the scenes.

— Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Prime Minister of England

It is good to know the truth. It is better to speak of palm trees.

— Old Arabic Proverb

The DECEPTIONS referenced in this essay are offered only in basic form, and as a starting point. These paragraphs are not meant to be in-depth proofs of any specific DECEPTION; a cornucopia of information on everything mentioned here is readily available in any good library, bookstore or on the internet. It is hoped that the ideas mentioned here will serve as a primer to whet a thirst for truth. Additionally, though this essay addresses several controversial, and to some folks even offensive issues, it is not written for the purpose of offending. This essay’s core purpose is not to convince you of any particular debate that may be ongoing in our world, but it is for the purpose of introducing possibilities that might be used in setting the mood for deeper understanding of all the essays addressed in

An Ounce of Truth.

Revelation 12:9, And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which DECEIVETH the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Revelation 18:23, And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations DECEIVED.

Luke 21:8, And Jesus said, Take heed that ye be not DECEIVED: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

2 Timothy 3:13, But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, DECEIVING, and being DECEIVED.

What is truth?” These were the words of Governor Pontius Pilate. The words were spoken two millennia ago. Not having – or not perceiving – the answer to his own question, Governor Pilate then continued to allow and continued to submit to the process of having the Roman soldiers under his charge crucify Jesus the Messiah. Truth is, indeed, precious; DECEPTION is ubiquitous in our world.

Johnny Cash

During the 1960’s Mr. Johnny Cash recorded a hit song whose core lyrics were, “And the lonely voice of youth cries ‘What is truth?’." This question is one of the standard or stereotypical questions still addressed today in modern philosophy discussions. If we really don’t know what truth is, then we are left in a vacuum which contains no absolutes. It is essential that we understand and believe that there are absolutes. It is not essential that we have personal absolute knowledge of each and every absolute, but we must know that there ABSOLUTELY are absolutes. E.g., “I think, therefore I am”, must be defined to be an absolute – unless I am not, under which circumstances we are only imagining that we are reading this, since I (not being) could not have written it. As we must see, there are absolutes. We also must grasp the concept of “absolute truth” and we must understand and know that truth absolutely does exist. Truth is constituted by or defined by the “facts of reality”. DECEPTION is trickery and is diametric to the “facts of reality”, or restated, DECEPTION is opposed to truth. Hopefully, we are all in agreement that both TRUTH and DECEPTION do indeed exist.

What we hopefully will do here, and in one sense, the main purpose of this entire website, is to open our minds to the concept of DECEPTION. We hopefully will become aware of the possible extent of DECEPTION in this world. We should look for DECEPTION, we should be ready for DECEPTION, and we should expect DECEPTION. It is not the intention of this chapter to encourage pessimism. We simply want to be realistic and we want to search for truth. We are constantly admonished in the Holy Scriptures to SEEK or to SEARCH for truth. Indeed the last essay under Articles of Truth is dedicated to the admonition from God that we SEEK him. If we are to search for truth, we must first be aware of DECEPTION. If we are in a world where God deems it is necessary for us to search for truth, then it logically follows that God thinks that we must be in a world of DECEPTION. Before really finding truth, we must first know that DECEPTION is very real. One of Jesus’ first and foremost warnings and directives to us was “Take heed that ye be not DECEIVED.” Jesus knew that DECEPTION was very real. Also, in Jesus’ Revelation to the Apostle John, John wrote, “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which DECEIVETH the whole world”. The Apostle John also knew that DECEPTION was very real.

In this book, we want to look at and learn about several “non-traditional” truths. Some of these truths are not easy to accept or to live with. It would be easy for us to say “nuts” to them. Probably for most of us, before we can truly learn to accept these truths, we must first learn and believe that DECEPTION is real. When we once become aware of the degree of DECEPTION in this world, we can then much more easily understand that truth can very well be “non-traditional.” So let’s spend some time now discussing DECEPTION.

Let’s first further describe the deception to which we are referring. We are not speaking of a PERSONAL deception, but rather of a SOCIAL – and even a GLOBAL – deception. As examples, a husband or wife could be personally deceived by a cheating spouse; a parent could be personally deceived by an intelligent and manipulative teenager; a buyer can be personally deceived by a seller. Though these types of deceptions are not good things, and they truly are deceptions, these are not the type of deceptions we want to discuss here. These personal deceptions are all around us, but as a society we recognize and accept that they exist, so society as a whole is not deceived by such personal deceptions. Personal deceptions usually deceive only one or two persons at a time.

It seems perhaps obvious upon reflection that beauty demands ugliness. If the world were filled with beauty and if there were no ugliness, would we really understand beauty? Would we recognize beauty when seeing it? Or would we simply take it for granted? Do we not need the contrasting idea of ugliness in order to truly appreciate beauty? Perhaps, in the same manner, we need DECEPTION so as to truly appreciate truth. Through DECEPTION, we can learn of the very precious nature and value of truth.

But here, we are concerned with SOCIAL DECEPTIONS, and with social deceptions on a global basis. These are deceptions which are suffered by practically all simultaneously. Therefore, we don’t recognize their existence, for just as a deceived person does not realize that he or she is deceived, neither does a deceived society realize that it is deceived. And remember, before we can truly search for truth, we must first accept at least the possibility that there could perhaps be a social deception of some type (or types). With all the deception which we as a society do recognize (usually of a personal nature), does it not logically follow, that it is even probable that social deception, to at least some degree, also exists in our world?

Social deceptions do exist. They are real. There are lies which have been foisted upon society to the extent that society as a whole has been deceived. And there exists more than one of these deceptions. The word of God from his Holy Bible plainly teaches that the whole world is deceived. Of course as Christians and as Americans, we can know that this means the whole “rest of the world besides us” is deceived…….or can we? Such scriptures surely do not refer to OUR country, or to OUR state, or to OUR city, or to OUR family, and certainly not to OUR RELIGION! So, what part of the world then is deceived? Scripture seems to plainly indicate that ALL the world is deceived – including our family, including you and me, and yes even including what we refer to as the church. But with an open mind and with proper searching, we can minimize such deception, i.e. we can become personally aware of social deception. And if we could all eventually become personally aware of social deception, then that deception would go away. We would then turn to our CREATOR, and he would heal us spiritually.

It’s highly unlikely that many of us will immediately accept that our church or our religion or our own person is deceived in such fashion. But please, for the moment, and for the purpose of reading this essay, let’s tentatively accept the possibility that the whole world might be “just a little” deceived. Just for the temporary purpose of argument, could we simply be open to the remote possibility that deception is real and rampant upon our world. If we could do that just long enough to read some of the following information, then it’s conceivable that a whole new world could open up before our eyes.

Let’s not forget that one of Jesus’ first and foremost warnings to his followers was “see that you are not DECEIVED”. Jesus was concerned about deception. He knew that deception existed and that it would greatly exist at the end of the age. Jesus stated, “For there shall arise false Messiahs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall DECEIVE the very elect”. Again, Jesus was very concerned about deception! And today in our world, it seems that social deception is all too real.

So what specifically is deceiving us? What are some examples? Let’s list a few of the deceivers. If we have faith in our church, we have been deceived (some of the information in the other essays demonstrates the inadequacy of our “churchianity” society). If we have faith in our Democratic Party or our Republican Party we have been deceived. If we have faith in our physician we have been deceived. If we have faith in our banker we have been deceived. If we have faith in our news media, monetary system, major universities, public schools, military or our vaccinations we have been deceived. These are not idle statements, nor are they statements of a strictly philosophical nature. Neither are we speaking of minor or unintentional deceptions. But in saying that these deceptions are intentional, we should not think that all the individual purveyors of these lies (e.g. your personal physician or personal banker or your fourth grade teacher) are cognizant of the deception which results from their actions. Those who occupy such positions in our society are simply pawns, as are we; they are suffering from the same deceptions as are the rest of society. They are simply believing and preaching the big lie(s) along with most all of the rest of us.

Examples of Social DECEPTION? Let’s list a few……

Federal Reserve

MONEY: Let’s start with an easy one. But it is one that we all buy into. Money and the Federal Reserve System are nothing more than a grand hoax. The Federal Reserve System is not Federal. It is a private bank, and with only a modicum of research, we can prove that for ourselves. Neither is it a reserve. There is no reserve of valuables upon which we may draw. Indeed, we in the USA as a nation are so indebted to this private bank that it can never be paid off. So a private bank affects a significant degree of control over the purse strings of America. Hmmm, should we wonder then, who is controlling America? Could the international bankers be playing a role of considerable influence upon our political leaders? And as to the hoax of money, what other than a hoax might we call it? Beyond a bluff, money has no value. Aside from the minute value of the paper which we call money, money is simply a vast and sophisticated series of entries in a system of computers (1’s and 0’s). So, does money even really exist? But we all buy the deception, don’t we. Because we believe and play along with the deception we give the ethereal money its value. And because we buy the Federal Reserve deception, we also buy the deception of the sovereignty of our government in America. We believe that our government has control of the money. We believe in our government. We believe and we vote. We buy the deception that the “voters” control the destiny of America. Let’s open our eyes, stand back a few paces, and think for a moment. The “voting electorate,” at least on the federal level, is a sham. Who is controlling our government? If we had control of the monetary system in our government, could we not have control of the government? With a little effort and a little time we could have, couldn’t we? And a private bank called the FEDERAL RESERVE has control of the money of the USA. We have been DECEIVED!

Political lies

GOVERNMENT: We all recognize that politicians constantly lie to us. In fact, for the most part, they must lie to be re-elected; we want the lies, because the truth doesn’t sound palatable enough for us, and we will not vote for it. Now, if we handily accept that mostly all of our political leaders lie to us, why do we find it so difficult to extrapolate these lies to the idea that our government is responsible for vast deceptions? To hide the deceit beyond our immediate grasp, our true handlers offer us our choice of lying politicians. Our politicians, with their lies, are not truly our leaders. These politicians have been bought and paid for, and they are the puppets of our true leaders. Because these politicians have for their whole lives believed in the establishment themselves, most of them never exert the necessary independent thought to even recognize that they are being used by their contributors. Our political leaders accept the fallacies of the establishment as simply being a fact of life. Our true leaders are hiding behind the politicians and are using the politicians as mouthpieces to publish the preferred “spin of the day.” Most of the politicians, themselves, are too ignorant and too filled with pride to recognize where the real power resides. The real power comes from those who finance the politicians. Since we all recognize and believe that our politicians constantly lie to us, why do we find it difficult to believe that our government – the government which has been molded by these lying politicians – is a DECEPTIVE entity with a higher and hidden level of control? Let’s not believe that our government is truly controlled by votes, but let’s mentally stand back and take stock of the puerile foolishness we witness daily from our government, and then believe that the few candidates who are offered as being available to receive our votes are controlled by the contributors from large corporations which in turn are controlled by the international banking system. Voters might play a minor role in determining which candidate may serve for a particular term of office, but it was the political machine of the contributors – with the power of their money – which determined what persons, could indeed be candidates and which candidates would be allowed to appear on the ballet. This scenario is true for both of the major political parties. Money, or the obeisance paid to the sham of money, controls America. Votes do not control America. Votes are used only to deceive the proletariat into believing that we have a degree of power in determining who our leaders may be. This ruse which has led most Americans to believe that we live in a democracy or a republic is a DECEPTION. The money which runs and controls the federal level candidates for both the Republican and the Democratic parties comes from the same ultimate sources. The few people who have control of the money flow thereby have control over whether a particular candidate will be allowed to be offered to the proletariat for their polling and voting shams.

1 Timothy 6:10 – For the love of money is the root of all evil.

Evolution of school standards

PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Our school systems through the university level are deceptive to us. Particularly in the “BIG LIE” of humanity existing through evolution, our textbooks continue to teach fallacies which science – not religion, but SCIENCE – has proven wrong decades ago. The truth is that cutting edge science has proven and accepted that the old teachings concerning evolution from an electrically excited muddy puddle of inanimate water are much lacking in scientific logic. The old ideas and theories have been proven null and void. Science has proven and accepted (at least the cutting edge leaders in science) that existence demands an intelligent designer. This doesn’t mean that these scientists have gone so far as to accept an all powerful Creator God, but they do recognize the necessity for an intelligent designer. The question here is: if science has disproved the old theories concerning evolution from muddy water to amoeba to slug to monkey to man, why are these teachings still in our textbooks, even up to the college level? Let’s re-state that. If science has proven the idiocy of the theory of evolution, why do our schools and universities still base their education upon evolution? Can we please call this a DECEPTION? This is truly a global level social DECEPTION. (The foolishness of evolution will be more closely addressed in the essay entitled Devilution.)

But for our school system, let’s get very basic. Why do our school systems teach our young children that Columbus discovered America, while at the same time telling them that the Indians were already here? And then a few years later these same children as young teens are taught that, well… the Vikings probably came here a few hundred years before Columbus. And then as older teens, or college students, these young adults are taught that the Vikings definitely came here before Columbus. And later on, when some (a few) of these students do their own research, they discover that there were accurate maps even of Antarctica, which existed in Europe long before Columbus! So, on how many levels is this teaching about Columbus a deception? Yes, yes…, this is such an accepted glitch in our society that we don’t even consider it a lie, and it’s even easy for us to think that it’s silly that this thought is mentioned in this fashion. Wait. Let’s remember that this is a lie! It is a deception! A deception is a deception is a DECEPTION. And most of us readily accept the “Columbus deception” as being okay. So how many other major deceptions are we willing to overlook by not even considering the possibility of the major deceptions? And if we’re willing to so easily accept a minor deception simply because it is commonplace, how easy would it be for truly deceptive and ruthless ingenious leaders who have vast control over public information, to foist vile and vicious deceptions of various degrees of social engineering upon society? Truly we are living with our “eyes wide shut”!

World War II recruitment poster

MILITARY: When a government desires a war, it typically lies to its citizenry. Such lies are nothing neither new to the world nor peculiar to the USA. People don’t want war, thus the government must make war seem to be a good, honorable and inevitable alternative. An illusion is created to sell the idea of war to the masses. The following created illusions are now matters of historical record.

For the Spanish American War, the illusion was that a mined American ship was sunk in Havana Harbor. After hearing these lies, the American patriots were then ready to fight. But the USS Maine was sunk by an explosion in its coal bin and not by a mine. The ship’s captain had claimed the coal bin explosion from the beginning. An investigation after the war, proved the captain correct. President McKinley had intentionally lied to and DECEIVED the American people.

The Germans followed their leader, Hitler, into Poland and into World War II after being told by their leader that Poland had attacked Germany. Poland had not attacked Germany. Hitler lied to and DECEIVED the German people.

FDR wanted America to join World War II. FDR provoked the Japanese. FDR knew about the planned attack on Pearl Harbor weeks before it happened. FDR ordered most of the Pacific Fleet into the harbor so that its destruction would create outrage in America. America was outraged. America gladly marched into World War II. Pearl Harbor was not a surprise attack to our leaders. FDR intentionally lied to and DECEIVED Americans.

America officially entered the Viet Nam War and the fighting escalated significantly because LBJ told the American people that our ships were torpedoed in the Gulf of Tonkin. Our troops who were in the Gulf at the time never saw, experienced or reported such an attack. LBJ intentionally lied to and DECEIVED the American people.

During the first Persian Gulf War, a U.S. Ambassador practically invited Saddam Hussein to attack Kuwait; this was even reported by major newspapers at the time. Saddam essentially sought and received U.S. permission to invade Kuwait. After he did so, we devastated his military. President George Bush Sr. intentionally DECEIVED the American people.

During a sex scandal, President Bill Clinton claimed that we needed to destroy a chemical weapons factory. Our military then proceeded to destroy the chemical weapons factory which – huh-oh – turned out to be a pharmaceutical factory. President Bill Clinton intentionally lied to and DECEIVED the American people for the purpose of getting our collective minds off of his sex scandal. And remember that it was Mr. Clinton who was aware that Americans do not know what the definition of “is” is.

Prior to the second Persian Gulf War, President George Bush Jr. told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We then went to Iraq and decimated the country. There were no weapons of mass destruction found. President George Bush Jr. intentionally lied to and DECEIVED the American people.

These examples of the reasons wars have started are not conspiracy theories. These are all facts. Historically and today, our nation’s leaders have lied to us and deceived the populace for the purpose of war time after time. That is a fact.

Before we leave the subject of Military deception, I’d like to mention a personal incident which is very, very minor in the grand scheme of things, but nonetheless is somewhat telling about the deceptive culture of our military. A few years ago when I was an engineer with the Texas Department of Transportation, I once interviewed a job candidate for the position of supervising maintenance foreman. This gentleman had recently retired from the US Army. His background was construction and heavy equipment. He retired as a sergeant with “top secret” clearance. (I have been told that “top secret” is actually one of the lower steps in receiving military clearance, and that it is perhaps closer to “bottom secret” than “top secret.”) During the interview, one of the questions I asked this gentleman was what would be his approach to public relations with the news media concerning traffic hazards or major accidents, or to complaints from the public. The answer I was hoping for was one that would suggest that his response to such concerns would be calm, truthful, pleasant and informative since he would be working for the public as a public employee. Though by no means earth shattering, I’ve never forgotten his immediate response. He was an intelligent, clean-cut, articulate gentleman with excellent references. His immediate response was, “Never give full disclosure.” I was slightly amused at the moment. But as I thought about it over time, it became a little bit scary. Here was an intelligent well-meaning man with a background in heavy equipment interviewing for a job in highway maintenance, and his first thought was, “Never give full disclosure”! He was obviously a relatively low level soldier. If at his station in life he was so thusly inculcated with the concept of secrecy, how much more must the upper echelon of the military be absorbed with this psyche. What DECEPTIONS could be possible from such a culture?


VACCINES: Serious research has caused many to question the value of vaccines, and to recognize the very real and serious danger of vaccines. It is a matter of record that vaccines can be and have been quite deadly. It is a matter of record, that none of the diseases which have supposedly been “wiped out,” have truly been “wiped out.” As an example that these diseases are still with us, it has been reported that approximately 60% of Americans (vaccinated or not) acquire the polio disease in their own body at some time in their life. The common symptoms are normally no worse than – and thus lead us to believe that we have simply contacted – a common cold. But we, as a society, have been deceived into believing that vaccines have saved us from polio and are the savior of mankind. When we sit down and do a modicum of personal research into the problems associated with vaccines, we see a totally different picture than what is preached by the medical profession. With such study we learn that our physicians and our nurses have been highly trained in ignorance in the area of vaccines, but unfortunately, they have also been highly trained as purveyors of these vaccines and as preachers of the goodness of this particular deception. It is reported by some researchers that there is much evidence that many diseases are cyclical in nature, and that the diseases which were “conquered” by vaccines actually lessened in severity on their own. The first two states to utilize the polio vaccine had a measurable increase in the incidence of polio due to the vaccine. For the past few decades in America, the vaccinations have killed many more children than have the diseases which they are supposed to prevent. All vaccinations can be and are occasionally deadly. Vaccinations are not nearly as safe as we are led to believe. Diseases – serious diseases – will return. And vaccines will not save us – the only savior we will have will be Jesus the Christ.


RELIGION: Perhaps, just perhaps, upon study and reflection we just might believe some portion of the above deceptions. But certainly, we say, we have not been deceived by our church! Are we certain? Which one of the 500 (or is it 600 or 700 now) denominations in America is not deceiving us? Logic tells us that not more than one of the denominations can be totally truthful. If all the others are not truthful, then that constitutes a major deception. Absolutely, organized religion as we know it in America is almost always a deception. Perhaps we should say that organized religion in America is ALWAYS a deception. (We are not saying that church organizations are filled with evil people, but only that the church organizations are deceiving folks.) Organized religion does not teach or preach the truth of the Holy Bible. All denominations teach pieces of the truth, but they also teach lies. Following chapters will go into detail and prove conclusively that organized religion teaches lies. But for now, let’s ask ourselves and consider the question: Why was Jesus crucified? At this point, we want to consider the physical answer to this question as opposed to the spiritual answer.

One of the main reasons for the torture and murder of Jesus the Christ was ORGANIZED RELIGION! Just a cursory review of the Gospels reveals that Jesus was constantly overturning and demonstrating the foolishness of the organized religion of two millennia ago. The religious leaders were very distraught with him. The leaders of organized religion played a large part in having Jesus tortured to death. Organized religion would probably attempt to kill Jesus again if he were in the world today and pointing out the many and gross errors taught and practiced by organized religion.

When considering the subject of the murder of Jesus, let’s not forget the International Bankers. In America today, the premier International Bankers would be the owners of the Federal Reserve. In the days of two millennia ago, when Jesus the Christ walked on the earth, the international bankers in Jerusalem were called “moneychangers.”

These “moneychangers” were truly international bankers. They operated in the Jerusalem temple during God’s Holy Days or festival days. It was on these days that the descendents of Jacob (Israel) trekked to Jerusalem from all the various nations to which they had been scattered. These travelers brought their various coinages of money from there sundry nations with them. The moneychangers or INTERNATIONAL BANKERS would then for a commission, change the traveler’s money from its various national coinages to one common to Jerusalem or Rome.

Remember that it was shortly before his death that Jesus overturned the tables of the moneychangers and drove them from the temple. These international bankers were accustomed to being paid a certain form of obeisance and respect since they were the possessors of high social status. They were not accustomed to a common rabbi, and a (perceived) REBEL rabbi at that, telling them what they could and could not do, and particularly so, if that rabbi went so far as to humiliate them by driving them from the temple with a whip and calling them thieves. Could this be circumstantial evidence to suggest that the moneychangers played a role in having the rabbi, Jesus, brutally and savagely murdered?

Organized religion has always been a problem. It is a problem today. Organized religion promulgates lies. Organized religion promulgates lies in the name of Jesus. Organized religion should be watched with a wary eye – and usually from a distance.

Are we saying here that only the evil and the unrighteous are associated with some local church group? Are we saying that we should all strive to eschew any form of participation in any organized religion? No, that is not what we are saying. We are saying to be careful in such areas, and we are saying that we should not allow or depend upon any organized religion or human religious leader to establish our beliefs for us or to direct our lives for us.

But if we are so cautious concerning organized religion, how can we be committed to Jesus’ church as he instructed us? If we are trying, and sincerely trying, to follow the teachings of Jesus, then we are a part of the church. According to “Strong’s Greek Lexicon”, our word church came from the Greek word ekklesia. The meanings attributed to this word include “a calling out”, and a “Christian community of members on earth or saints in heaven or both”. Church did not originally mean “building” as in a church building. Church did not originally mean “organization”. It does mean CALLED OUT. If we are attempting to live by the word of God, then we are being called out, and we are church members. The Pope should not be our leader. No television evangelist should be our leader. No local minister or priest should be our leader. JESUS the CHRIST should be our leader! We should be as were the Bereans in Acts 17:11 who “searched the scriptures daily” to determine for themselves “whether those things were so”. We should, as is stated in Philippians 2:12, “work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.” We should never depend on any human minister or any other human leader.


Eyes Wide Shut movie poster

Since most of us do have our “eyes wide shut,” then before we can truly grasp these truths, we must first come to an agreement within ourselves that the possibility of our own vulnerability does exist; we must burst the bubble within which we exist in our daily lives and look outside the bubble; we must mentally and psychologically step back out of the picture and pretend that we are simply an inquisitive observer. We must then be truly inquisitive with no preconceived notions and ideas concerning our society. We will then come to recognize the truth.

We’ve borrowed the above movie title because it fits so very many of us. Without extensive detail (since we can find an abundance of detail if we care to look for it), we’ll list some of the “eyes wide shut” deceptions that have been foisted upon America in the last few decades. These are “eyes wide shut” deceptions because they are such blatantly obvious lies and manipulations of all of us. Yet we Americans with our “eyes wide shut” most often choose to believe the obvious lies. The following all fall into a category that really requires little or no research if we lived through it. We simply need to open our eyes.

Lee Harvey Oswald vs. Jack Ruby

Full disclosure? Really?

JFK: The first such deception to grab my attention when I was only twelve years old was the Kennedy assassination. If we study it to even a small degree and keep an open and honest mind, we must conclude that the official government story was a lie. JFK was not murdered by a lone gunman with a magic bullet, but by a carefully orchestrated plan carried out by an organized group of behind the scenes leaders of our world. Regardless as to the motivation of the people who designed and choreographed the deception, it was still a deception. Anyone of us who wants to conclude otherwise simply has his “eyes wide shut”.

WARS: We’ve already discussed the Viet Nam War, and the Gulf Wars. These are easily government “eyes wide shut” deceptions and lies.

Waco - 81 people dead

Waco. 81 people dead!

WACO: The murder and burning alive of David Koresh and his followers in Waco by our government was intentional. U.S. soldiers were present. The facts of the case underscore the point that this operation was a deliberate and well planned attack by our government which resulted in a fiery destruction of children, women, and men who were never convicted of breaking a single law prior to the attack. The official government story – regardless as to the motivation of our leaders – was a lie and an “eyes wide shut” deception.

Y2K bug


Y2K: In 1998 and 1999, we were threatened with the Y2K (year two thousand) hoax. The government published an official Congressional report concerning the seriousness of Y2K. Approximately $1 trillion changed hands in the years leading up to Y2K, as a direct result of the scare. We can only theorize as to the reasons why, but Y2K was undoubtedly a planned and deliberate “eyes wide shut” deception. New software was installed in millions of computers, and hundreds of billions of dollars were spent. There was no doubt a specific reason behind it, but undoubtedly the public was intentionally deceived.

Roswell flying saucer

Roswell Flying Saucer!!

ROSWELL: In 1947 in Roswell New Mexico, there was a crash which was first reported by the military to be the crash of a flying saucer and its crew. The government, since 1947 has released four different official stories as to what happened in Roswell in 1947. The U.S. government has changed the official story THREE times since 1947. Regardless as to what happened, and regardless as to what was the motivation of our government leaders, we have been lied to and the public has experienced another “eyes wide shut” deception.

UFO’s: In America over fifty million of us, including my mother, my father, my father-in-law, several personal acquaintances and myself have seen UFO’s. Yet the American government officially denies their existence. The government of Belgium has publicly asked the USA to tell the truth concerning UFO’s. A respected Defense Minister in Britain proclaimed the danger of “triangular” shaped UFO’s. Hundreds of American bomber pilots witnessed “foo” fighters (UFO’s) during World War II. Thousands of soldiers in Viet Nam witnessed UFO’s on various occasions. Reports exist which claim that the USA has a law on the books which says that anyone who comes into contact with a UFO alien presence must be quarantined. – WHY?, if UFO’s don’t exist? It has been reported that prior to becoming president, Ronald Reagan had his pilot to literally chase a UFO, but was afraid to report this to the public for fear that he would be regarded as a lunatic. Jimmy Carter publicly stated that he had seen a UFO. Several astronauts have stated that they have seen UFO’s. The government says UFO’s don’t exist. Could we please label this as an “eyes wide shut” deception!

Towers of deception

WTC: The Twin Towers. Undoubtedly the most obvious, in our face, and easiest deception to recognize for anyone of us who is looking, is the idiocy surrounding the destruction of the World Trade Center. This event was undoubtedly coordinated by an arm of our government. George W. Bush undoubtedly had prior information concerning the event. These facts are very easy to establish for ourselves if we’re willing to do only very minimal research. There was a deception involved, and juvenile as it was, we Americans bought it. With just a little research we can learn that burning diesel fuel does not melt steel. We can learn of the numerous witnesses who HEARD the explosions (a substantial time period after the initial crashes) which brought the building down. We must ask ourselves why the concrete parts of the structures were pulverized to powder, and yet “evidence” was found at the scene which supposedly managed to escape the fire and explosions and drift down from the plane and identify one of the culprits who had hijacked the plane. We must recognize that a commercial airplane could not have done the resulting damage to the Pentagon, which damage was only a small hole in the wall before it collapsed. We must ask ourselves why there was never any evidence offered to us of a plane hitting the Pentagon. We must ask why a third building of the World Trade Center Complex was demolished when it received no publicly known attack whatsoever. There are hundreds more such questions to ask if we want to research into this event. To think that this was an event carried out by untrained terrorist pilots, and that our government had no prior knowledge of the event is to possess a vast and tremendous amount of unfounded faith. But that’s just what the majority of us Americans do think. We have our “EYES WIDE SHUT”. We have been so easily deceived.

Deception dollar

We’ve mentioned only a very few of the most noteworthy deceptions above. There are scores more. It’s highly likely that most of us are already aware of one or more of the deceptions mentioned in this chapter, but that we simply accept them as a routine part of life. This is not the world that our Creator intended for us, but we are so lost in the deception that we fail to truly understand that.

The history of the world, and all of the nations of that history, is in large part a report of deception after deception. Biblical history is replete with deceptions that were presented to the public. David’s son Absalom conspired to overthrow his father and the Kingdom of Israel, and the first century Jewish leaders conspired to murder Jesus. These are but two of the conspiracies or deceptions reported in the history of the Holy Bible. But the most insane examples are Psalm 2 and Revelation 17:12-13 where it is described that the leaders of this world will actually conspire to conquer Heaven. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is what is happening now. There are those in leadership positions who actually believe that we have the technology to conquer the space-time continuum and overthrow GOD! Perhaps this is the main thrust behind the UFO cover-up and the reports of aliens (who are indeed the fallen angels) working with our military.

The governments of this world – ALL the governments of this world – will soon be no more. Their time is growing shorter. Truly, DECEPTION is alive and well on Planet Earth.

People have knee-jerk reactions to “conspiracy theories,” at least to the ones that do not make it into their established and trusted news outlets. Yes, my skeptical friends believe that the Bush administration cynically smeared the war records of both John Kerry and John McCain during the 2000 presidential election through the use of shill agencies. Yes, they believe there was suppression of black voters in Florida, and other schemes to cheat their way into the White House in the 2000 election. Yes, they believe the administration conspired to rig the intelligence they used to justify their invasion of Iraq. Yes, if they are regular readers of The New Yorker, they believe that the election fraud was worse in 2004, with rigged ballot machines! , in Ohio in particular, being used to great effect. And, yes, they believe in massive wrong-doing and cover-up regarding October Surprise and the Iran/Contra affair, as well as the CIA-orchestrated overthrows of democracies in Chile and Iran, to name only two well-known examples. But no, they don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

— by Philip Sherman Gordon
writing for the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth